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Java is successfully making inroads into the enterprise market worldwide. But what is the right way to use Java in the enterprise? Many businesses are using Java to build serious business applications that have moved well beyond the applet model in terms of functionality, size and strength. Unlike traditional applications, which thus far have been confined to living inside a company's Intranet, these new Java-powered applications can be deployed outside of the traditional enterprise using the Internet, creating a direct link between the customer and the enterprise's information systems. Take, for example, the SAVI application suite developed by OMIX. This Castanet-powered, mission-critical application suite allows real estate professionals to list, search and view property listings, as well as order newspaper advertising and area mailings. SAVI was created by OMIX fo... (more)

"Hello Internet!"

When Edison invented electric lighting, his company was simultaneously selling generators, switches and lightbulbs. At the time he invented it, there was no preexisting infrastructure for electricity, so he had to sell his customers every component of his direct-current electricity system. Many early electricity customers were the pioneers of their day and spent countless hours building, deploying and debugging these systems...only to find out a few years later that alternating current electricity systems would become the eventual standard. In today's world, many years later, el... (more)

Calling All Software Developers

The Internet is wonderful. It has created many new opportunities for artists, writers, Web masters, browser vendors, language developers and advertising agencies. But what about the software developers? Besides a handful of big players, there are few software companies making serious money on the Internet. As the founder of a Silicon Valley software company, I often wonder what the future will bring. Will there be room for us after the browser wars are over? Hacker's Delight I spent almost three years in the Java project and I loved it. Java is a great language. It was created f... (more)

Weaving new Acronyms Into The Web

Recently, a new group of acronyms has appeared on the Internet scene - CDF, DRP, OPS, OSD, RDF and XML. Is this an alien plot to confuse the world and stymie Java developers who have better things to do with their time than decipher another bowl of alphabet soup? Actually, the acronyms are a serious effort to make the Internet a less complicated world to navigate by establishing standards for the next wave of software development. The Internet, which is fundamentally an agreement about how vastly differing computer hardware will be used to transfer data, could not exist without ... (more)